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Mark Coleman, a retired mixed martial artist and UFC Hall of Fame inductee, announced that he and his daughters will be in attendance at UFC 300.

The news comes barely one month removed from Coleman being hospitalized after he rescued his parents from a house fire.

Even better – it appears Dana White and the UFC are the ones making this classy move a reality.

“I’m so excited today. The UFC is bringing me in giving me and my daughters tickets to the biggest show ever UFC 300 in Las Vegas. So stoked let’s go,” Coleman writes on Instagram.

“The BMF belt that’s the one I’m excited about. The main event is huge as well. The whole card is sick. See you there.”

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Mark Coleman – Hero

Coleman, who turns 60 this year, also posted a video with his UFC announcement reminding fans that he can still kick just about everybody’s ass.

Or maybe it was just a workout clip. I don’t know. Either way, I was scared. The man is a beast.

“What a great day to be alive (and) be the best version of yourself you can be you never know when you’re gonna need it,” he says.

Mark Coleman definitely needed that positive attitude last month. As readers of Bounding Into Sports know, Coleman was hospitalized for smoke inhalation after he rescued his parents from a house fire in Ohio.

Coleman reportedly went back into the home to try and rescue the family dog as well.

He passed out at that point and had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Images surfaced on social media showing Coleman in the hospital. Combat sports journalist Jonathan Snowden at the time posted images of the family’s destroyed home. He added that Mark Coleman was “fighting for his life.”

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Presenting The BMF Belt?

Mark Coleman earned several nicknames during his UFC career. Hammer – the name of his dog that alerted him to the fire – is one of them. Another is ‘The Godfather of Ground & Pound.’

His recovery has been nothing short of inspiring after saving his family. Consequently, he will be able to take part in UFC 300 festivities.

He deserves that honor on his merits alone. But the hero story makes it all the more satisfying.

Oh, and that BMF title Coleman mentions? The “Baddest Motherf*****” title?

Former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway wants to see Mark Coleman wrap the belt around the winner at UFC 300. Wouldn’t that be something?

Mark Coleman is undoubtedly a pioneer in combat sports. He won the UFC 10 and 11 tournaments and became the inaugural UFC Heavyweight champion by submitting Dan Severn.

He also had a successful run in PRIDE, defeating notable fighters like Don Frye and Igor Vovchanchyn.

Coleman retired from MMA in 2013 and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2008. His greatest fight though, came just weeks ago when he heroically saved his family.

Enjoy the show, Mark. You’ve earned it.

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