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Oct 5, 2023
Trevor Bauer was run out of MLB based on some pretty heavy allegations. Noe his accuser Lindsey Hill is providing some lewd details
Aug 4, 2023
The Dodgers hosted a Faith and Family Night this week, shortly after their LGBTQ Pride event featured an anti-Catholic troupe
Jun 20, 2023
Former MLB star Curt Schilling says it’s time for someone to ‘pull a trigger’ over drag queens, Trump and the left
Jun 16, 2023
With the fight over LGBTQ rights now spilling over to America’s Pastime, MLB appears to be backing off of one of their previous stances
Sam Brinton
Jun 1, 2023
Another twist emerges regarding an anti-Catholic gay group that’s been added to the Dodgers’ Pride Night – this one involving the White House
May 30, 2023
Bishop Barron is imploring his followers to reject the Los Angeles Dodgers ‘in defense of our Catholic faith’
May 19, 2023
Another ‘politically correct’ play by a sports franchise backfires, as the Los Angeles Dodgers recently ran afoul of The Catholic League
Apr 14, 2023
After almost 25 years in Washington, Commanders owner Dan Snyder is selling the franchise for an estimated price tag of $6 Billion