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Michael Oher | SCREENSHOT: CBS Mornings
Nov 13, 2023
Court findings have revealed that former NFL lineman Michael Oher was compensated for his life story, despite his prior claims
Michael Oher
Michael Oher via WJTV 12 News YouTube, screenshot
Aug 30, 2023
NFL Vet Michael Oher continues to have every possible claim against the Tuohy family enriching themselves off his name shot…
Michael Oher via CBN News YouTube, screenshot
Aug 25, 2023
According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, NFL veteran and focus of the biographical film "The Blind Side," Michael Oher,…
Michael Oher via Caleb Kinchlow YouTube, screenshot
Aug 18, 2023
I didn't have "Michael Oher attempting to shake down the family who gave him an amazing life which propelled him…
Brandon Rivers and Sandra Bullock in a scene from 'The Blind Side' (2009) | Warner Bros. Studios
Aug 16, 2023
The Michael Oher Saga continues to add new twists and turns, as the family he has accused of defrauding him…
The Tuohy Family via CBS Miami YouTube, screenshot
Aug 16, 2023
Former NFL player Michael Oher, who was the focus of the major motion picture and 2009 blockbuster film "The Blind…