Emek Echo and Katia Shokrai via Direct Action Everywhere

A security guard chased down and tackled two animal activists during the Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams game on Thursday night.

Emek Echo and Katia Shokrai via Direct Action Everywhere

Video shared from ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry shows an activist running onto the field carrying a pink smoke flare. The activist ran almost 70 yards before she was caught and tackled to the ground by a security guard.

One of the Buffalo Bills players can then be seen throwing the flare off the field. A second activist is also shown being escorted off the field as well. The activist who made it to around the 30 yard line is then drug off the field by multiple security guards.

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The organization Direct Action Everywhere took credit for the protest writing on Twitter, “DxE activists disrupt Rams Bills with pink smoke flares to draw attention to 2 activists facing over a decade in prison for rescuing 2 sickly baby piglets from a WH Group / Smithfield Foods factory farm.”

The organization also shared video of the second activist getting slammed to the ground by event security around the 20 yard line.

The also released a press release that identifies the two women as Emek Echo and Katia Shokrai detailing they “ran across the field holding up red smoke flares and wearing shirts with ‘RIGHTTORESCUE.com’ text before being removed by event security.”

They claim the “protest aims to shine a light on what DxE calls a landmark trial for animal rights, food justice and free speech, and more broadly, the entire animal agricultural industry, which DxE says is inherently abusive and exploitative.”

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The organization notes they are the same organization that disrupted Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th.

During the famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, an activist wearing a Darth Vader mask held up a sign reading, “Expose Smithfield Deathstar.” Joey Chestnut proceeded to put the activist in a chokehold and throw the individual to the ground all while whoofing down a hot dog.

Despite the interruption, Chestnut won his 15th Hot Dog Eating Championship scarfing down 63 hot dogs in 10 minutes. It was his seventh consecutive victory and he beat second place Geoffrey Esper by 15.5 hot dogs.

The Bills ended up dominating the Rams beating them 31-10. Bills QB Josh Allen threw for 297 yards, three TDs, and two interceptions. He also rushed for 56 yards and one touchdown.

Josh Allen via NFL YouTube

Rams QB Matthew Stafford threw for 240 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. He also fumbled the ball but was able to recover it. The Bills defense held the Rams to only a measly 52 total yards the entire game. They also sacked Stafford 7 times.

The Bills were so dominant they never punted the ball once albeit Allen threw the two interceptions and they also had two fumbles lost. Still, Stafford had two interceptions and the Rams still had to punt four times.

Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams via NFL YouTube

What do you make of these activists interrupting the game?

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