Enes Kanter Freedom via Fox News YouTube

Former Boston Celtics forward Enes Kanter revealed he plans to sue the NBA after he was iced out of the 2022 season after speaking out against the NBA’s corrupt relationship with China.

Enes Kanter Freedom via Boston Celtics YouTube

Kanter appeared on the Brian Kilmeade Show, where he revealed his intentions to the sue the NBA and the events that led to his probable decision to file papers against the league.

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He explained to Kilmeade, “My whole life I wanted to be an NBA player, which I did. I played 11 years in the league, and I’m very thankful for it. But unfortunately when you talk about some of the problems that were happening in China — just because NBA and China does billions of dollars of business and stuff and there are so much endorsement deals, shoe sales, jersey sales, TV deals — they are like, ‘Okay, your time is up here.’ It’s goodbye. And that really hurt.”

Enes Kanter Freedom via Boston Celtics YouTube

A little bit later in the interview he was asked about how his agent reacted to the fact that he’s been iced out of the NBA for his comments regarding China and the NBA’s relationship with the communist run country.

He said, “My agent, this is exactly what he said. I remember the first time — it was the first game I talked about the problems that were happening in China. He called me and he said, ‘I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t work for the NBA, I work for you. So if you don’t say anything that whatever happened in China that people are going to forget about this in 3 or 4 days, but if you continue to talk about it you are not going to be able to fine any job this coming up year.'”

“And that’s exactly what happened. He literally reached out 30 teams, all the coaches, all the GMs, all the presidents, they said. Not one of them is interested,” Kanter relayed.

He then told Kilmeade that he was probably going to see the league, “I think once I’m like now back at home, I’m definitely looking forward to suing them.”

Enes Kanter Freedom via Boston Celtics YouTube

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Not only did Kanter indicate he plans on suing the NBA, he also discussed the Black Lives Matter riots during the summer of 2020 telling Kilmeade, “When the players were standing up about with what was happening in America from the first moment I knew that they’re only doing it for their own PR because they know that they are not going to lose any kind of endorsement deals. They are not going to lose any kind of contracts or shoe sales or jersey sales.”

He added, “But they know as soon as they stand up to the things that are happening in China they will be cut from the NBA immediately.”

Enes Kanter Freedom via Boston Celtics YouTube

What do you make of Kanter’s plans to sue the NBA?

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