Noah Gragson via Dustin Long Twitter

Noah Gragson made it very clear he’s not a fan of Ty Gibbs during a press conference ahead of the NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship race at Phoenix.

Noah Gragson via Dustin Long Twitter

Gragson was asked about the disdain between him and Gibbs and how it might have changed after he intentionally wrecked his teammate, Brandon Jones, in order to win the race at Martinsville last weekend and how he planned on racing Gibbs for the championship.

Gragson answered, “I just race guys the way they race myself and I’ve gotten cleaned out by him a couple of times. I’ve made that very clear in person, face to face, nose to nose, kind of behind the scenes where not a lot of people were and I think he got the message.”

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In response to a follow-up question about how he remains focused on trying to win the championship, Gragson replied, “I just try and kick their a** every weekend. Be the most prepared when I get to the race track. The most prepared.”

Gragson continued, “I’ve raced Josh Berry, Brandon Jones, guys who [are] super clean. I’ve raced them really hard, but with a lot of respect, and they’ve raced me really hard with a lot of respect. But you’ve got other guys like little man (Ty Gibbs).”

He then asserted, “I don’t really think anybody in the industry has too much respect for him, but we’re just focused on winning this championship for our team and gonna do whatever it takes if you’re racing a guy like that.”

Ty Gibbs via Bob Pockrass Twitter

Gragson didn’t stop taking shots at Gibbs. When asked what it was like at the shop leading up to the race, Gragson said, “It’s been business as usual. The 9 team, we were there until 11 o’clock the other night, Monday night, drinking beers, eating pizza, listening to music. We’re laid back. We’re relaxed. We’re ready to go have fun.”

“The result is going to be what it is going to be,” he continued. “As long as you show up prepared and you’re ready to go, it’s no different than any other race. We won here in the spring. It’s not going to be easy by any means, but we know how to do it. It’s nothing new to us. The kind of mindset that we have is it’s one last ride at JRM. It’s the last race, let’s go enjoy it. This is a privilege to be a part of this.”

He then insulted Gibbs, “There’s only four guys, three and a half guys, who get to be a part of this. It’s really special and we’re looking forward to the opportunity.”

Noah Gragson via Noah Lewis YouTube

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Gragson would also express his dislike for Gibbs to NBC Sports’ Dustin Long. He said, “I’m just voicing my opinion, I don’t like him. Just speaking what everybody doesn’t want to say, but they feel it.”

When asked what he doesn’t like, Gragson asked, “What is there to? I don’t know. I’m excited to race with Justin, I’m excited to race with Josh, excited to race with a lot of the other guys out there in the field. Just over it.”

While talking to another member of media, Gragson was asked if he thinks Gibbs will change the way he drives at Phoenix.

Gragson wasn’t buying anything Gibbs was telling the media indicating he needed to change himself and his actions saying, “He doesn’t care. … He lives in fantasyland.”

When specifically asked if Gibbs’ apologies are just a front, Gragson said, “Well, you just here it — I don’t know, I can’t speak for these other guys. But I try to listen to everyone’s post race  interviews just came to see what they say, what they got to say, listen to his press conference, and all I heard over and over, ‘Yeah, I didn’t mean to wreck him. I just meant to move him.’ But it’s like, Jesus man, like really?”

The NASCAR Xfinity Series begins at 6 pm ET. It will be broadcast on USA.

What do you make of Gragson’s comments regarding Ty Gibbs? Do you expect some fireworks between the two on track during the championship race at Phoenix?

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