Pat Maroon via Tampa Bay Lightning YouTube

Pat Maroon Responds To Boston Bruins Announcer Jack Edwards Accused Of Body Shaming Him

Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Pat Maroon responded to Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards who has been accused by a number of his peers of body shaming Maroon.

Pat Maroon via Tampa Bay Lightning YouTube

During the Lightning’s game against the Bruins on November 29th, which the Bruins won 3-1, Boston’s play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards commented on Maroon, his size, and his diet.

A little over halfway through the first period, Edwards states, “Listed 238 lbs. That was day one of training camp. I got a feeling he’s had a few more pizzas between then and now.”

Color commentator Andy Brickley then chimed in, “That’s before pregame.” Edwards replied, “Right. Fasting. Inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like 4 hours without a meal, but, hey, three cups in a row, who can argue with his formula?”

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A number of Edwards’ peers have lambasted Edwards accusing him of fat shaming Maroon.

Bally Sports Contributor Frank Servalli tweeted, “A blowhard broadcaster fat-shaming a professional athlete and three-time Stanley Cup champion. Pat Maroon doesn’t deserve that. No one does. Go home, Jack. You actually sound drunk.”

Frank Seravalli Twitter

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger concurred. He tweeted, “I would agree. There’s no reason for any broadcaster or journalist to do this. It’s embarrassing.

Darren Dreger Twitter

Derek Wills, the voice of the Calgary Flames, called Edwards’ commentary “so disrespectful.”

Derek Wills Twitter

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Maroon responded to Edwards’ comments stride announcing he would be making a donation to Tampa Bay Thrives.

He tweeted, “In support of those struggling with mental health, bullying and body image I am making a 2,000 donation in the name of Jack Edwards to Tampa Bay Thrives and I encourage the Tampa Bay Lightning and NHL fans to join me.”

Pat Maroon Twitter

With Maroon’s response, more of Edwards’ peers piled on. The Hockey News’ Ian Kennedy tweeted, “Pat Maroon responds like the professional Jack Edwards was not. Pat Maroon proves again why he almost always wins.”

Ian Kennedy Twitter

ESPN writer Greg Wyshynski tweeted, “Props to Pat Maroon for spinning Jack Edwards‘ s**t take into someone else’s benefit.”

Greg Wyshynski Twitter

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The Athletic’s Scott Wheeler decided to lampoon Edwards as a “jerk with a microphone.”

He wrote, “Jack Edwards has always been like this and I’ll never understand the people (including loads of non-Bruins fans and media) who’ve positioned him as some play-by-play god and man of the people. He’s just a jerk with a microphone. Good for Pat Maroon.”

Scott Wheeler Twitter

Ironically, former Ottawa Senators right wing Bobby Ryan, who played with Maroon in Anaheim for two years, noted the narrative that Edwards was spinning around Maroon has been happening since he was 7.

Ryan wrote, “Pat Maroon doesn’t care about Jack Edwards. He’s been ‘fat Pat’ since we were 7 years old. He has three cups, a bunch of money, and a beautiful family. My tweet lasted longer than his thoughts about some announcer calling him big. He’s the big rig. Doesn’t change his day!”

Bobby Ryan Twitter

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In fact, Pat Maroon has described himself as a big rig. While celebrating his second Stanley Cup and his first with the Tampa Bay Lightning he said, “I’m the big rig. I’m back to back.”

He’s also previously stated, “I’m just a big guy. There’s nothing I can do. And this is who I am. And this is what you’re gonna get.”

When Maroon was introduced during the St. Louis Blues’ Stanley Cup celebration the team’s announcer stated, “He may be chubby, but he’s effective. Pat Maroon.”

What do you make of Maroon’s response? What do you make of Jack Edwards’ peers in the media lampooning and attacking him for making some light comments about Pat Maroon and his size?

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