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After a biological man easily defeated his female opponents during a cycling competition, the organization which hosted the race was faced with the reality that if they weren’t going to stand in defense of the integrity of the women’s division, they should at least open up a third division for people who want to pretend to be anything but what they are.

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The Belgian Waffle Ride, the cycling competition at the center of all this, hosts races for men and women all across the country. However, during a June race this year, a man won the “Women Overall” category.

The “winner” was Austin Killips, who won first place against all the real women during the race in Hendersonville, North Carolina, finished at a whopping time of 8h 28m 07.47s. For context, if Killips had competed against other biological men, as he should have, he would have placed 22nd with that time.

But no, Killips competed against biological women, putting himself at an insane disadvantage and robbing the second place winner, an actual women, of her well-deserved first place prize. This wasn’t an isolated case of Killips defeating women in races either. Notably, he clinched the first position in the Tour of the Gila, a globally recognized, premier cycling competition. Seven months prior, Killips assaulted a female competitor during another race, where he won bronze and was not met with disqualification for his violent actions.

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After the event, the race organizers were flooded with enough complaints about the absurdity of the situation, that instead of rectifying it, they decided to bandage it after sifting through all the “feedback” and come up with a third, catch-all category for people that identify as different genders, races, species, whatever they want to be the day of the race.

“Since our first Belgian Waffle Ride event,” the statement posted to Facebook read, “We’ve strived to create as fair, inclusive, and unique a world-class experience as possible. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, creed, color, sexual orientation, and sexual identification, possesses the inherent right to participate in our activities.”

“In keeping with our values and in response to feedback that we recently received from some cyclists after our most recent North Carolina race, we are reviewing our registration and competition rules,” the stated. “We will consult with many of you as well as sponsors, volunteers, staff, and stakeholders, and relevant international regulatory bodies to identify best practices in this area.”

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I have a solution for you; don’t let men compete against women, that simple.

Last week, they did announce via Instagram their new third Open category, which states that it is open to “All racers, regardless of gender identification, may compete in this classification.”

Should they defend objective truth and maintain the categories of the only two genders that actually exist, or is this the solution for keeping the peace in our post-modern times? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and across social media.

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