Piers Morgan (L) and Nick Kyrgios (R) via screenshots YouTube

Megan Rapinoe might be one of the most thoroughly unlikable athletes not just in the United States, but in the world. We were once again reminded why when Englishman Piers Morgan and Australian Nick Kyrgios resurfaced video of one of her most infuriating moments.

Megan Rapinoe via Optus Sports YouTube

Since Rapinoe ruined it for the USWNT at the World Cup last week by delivering the world one of the worst penalty kicks of all time, she has been raked over the coals by virtually every conservative commentator and normal person who doesn’t hate America, or want to mutilate children, or have grown men beat women in women’s sports.

Now, as the roasting continues, a clip of Rapinoe that first hit the internet during the 2019 ESPYs (back when the USWNT was actually good at soccer) has come alive once again to haunt Rapinoe some more.

As you can see in the clip, Rapinoe is approached by a young boy who is eager to have the soccer star autograph his soccer ball, like any small child would be. However, just look at how she (well, really doesn’t) acknowledge the boy as she gives him a quick side-eye, carelessly signs it, and shrugs the whole thing off when she’s done.

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I would ask what person doesn’t like children, but doesn’t it seem weird for a grown woman to be so cold towards a child? We can’t talk about this without mentioning her partner Sue Bird, who didn’t even acknowledge the kid’s existence.

Well, Piers Morgan found the clip and dug it up from it’s social media grave just so he could get on the hate-Megan bandwagon.

“Doesn’t even look at him,” Morgan posted to his X social media account. “Diabolical arrogance.”

In your head everything sounds so much harsher when it comes from someone with an English accent.

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Australian tennis star and regular destroyer of rackets, Nick Kyrgios, not known for having a happy, Care Bear-esque demeanor at all, saw the clip and showed the world that at least he likes children and doesn’t like Rapinoe either.

Hahahahahaha one thing me and [Piers] agree on,” Kyrgios said in a reply to Morgan on X.

I don’t personally care to know the laundry list of topics Morgan and Kyrgios disagree on, but what is beautiful is seeing two people who otherwise don’t agree on much both agree that Rapinoe is one of the most divisive and ungrateful athletes walking the earth today.

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