WILD: Former NFL WR Antonio Brown Allegedly Threatened His Arena Football League Players With Guns

Antonio Brown via WNYT NewsChannel 13 YouTube, screenshot

Go make yourself a stiff drink folks, we’re talking about the infamous NFL player turned disavowed Arena Football League owner, Antonio Brown once again. And this time some new accusations will either make you think things can’t get worse, or you’re literally not surprised at all at this point.

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown via WNYT Newschannel 13 YouTube

Former NFL player Antonio Brown is accused of making serious threats during his time with the Albany Empire in the National Arena League, as reported by ESPN. After leaving the NFL in 2021, Brown became part of the Albany Empire’s ownership.

However, his leadership saw multiple challenges, such as unpaid salaries leading to the departure of coaches and players and the team being evicted from hotels for unsettled bills. The Arena League ousted the Albany Empire due to unpaid dues under Antonio Brown’s ownership, and the whole team is a massive dumpster fire.

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown via Million Dollaz Worth of Game YouTube

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Now, an investigative piece by ESPN’s Anthony Olivieri and Michael A. Fletcher alleges that Brown made veiled threats about shooting players after an intense dispute over a social media post honoring a deceased ex-teammate.

Albany Empire players confronted Antonio Brown at a cigar lounge over the deletion of a tribute post to late Mo Ruffins, the former team offensive lineman who passed away. During the altercation, Brown allegedly made a threatening comment to a player. According to the report:

“AB looked at Ryan [Larkin] and was like, ‘Hey, man, you still got the AR in the car? Go get it,’” recounted wide receiver Darius Prince during an interview with ESPN. “Then I was like, I’m not going to allow this dude to walk out of here after you just threatened us… After he said that, things did calm down, and we had a conversation. But the fact is that he threatened us by telling his assistant to grab his AR.”

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Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves from accusations, especially severe ones like threatening to seriously injure someone. However, is it outside the norm for probably the most erratic man in the world of professional sports currently?

After the Arena League severed ties with the Albany Empire, Brown shifted his attention to his (eclectic, in my personal opinion) rap career, intermittently making news due to legal issues regarding child support.

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