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Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman Announces Order Protecting Female Athletes (Credit: Screenshot - Eyewitness News ABC7NY)

Slowly but surely, it seems that sanity may at last be returning to the realm of women’s sports. For far too long, the gender ideology cult has cowed institutions and officials into allowing biologically stronger men to compete against women, destroying many of the dreams of female athletes who worked long and hard to achieve success in their chosen sport, not to mention threatening women physically. The latest example of the tide turning back to normalcy comes out of Nassau County, NY. On Feb. 22, County Executive Bruce Blakeman signed an executive order banning ‘trans women’ from competing in women’s sports at any facility within the county.

Blakeman specifically cited the need to protect women from both psychological bullying and physical harm as the reason for the executive order.

“We are protecting girls’ right to compete against other girls. It makes no sense for biological boys who identify as transgender to compete against girls. It’s completely unfair. Biological boys are faster, bigger, and stronger. They have a physical advantage against women,” Bruce Blakeman said to the New York Post, via CBS News.

Blakeman signed the order surrounded by cheering women and girls and addressed the media after:

The executive order does contain exceptions for co-ed sports, and also for women who choose to compete against men in a sport. The order also defines an individual’s “gender” as their biological sex at birth.

Trans Activists Attack The Executive Order

Of course, immediately the trans activists responded with their usual line of attack: the order is “transphobic.” Some even claimed it was illegal. And, of course, they claimed to be victims. New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James also condemned the order.

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas via Daily Signal YouTube

“There is nothing lower than trying to score cheap political points by putting a target on the backs of some of our state’s most vulnerable people: Trans kids. New York has some of the nation’s strongest protections for the LGBTQ+ community, and I am committed to enforcing them,” Gov. Kathy Hochul wrote on X. 

“This executive order is transphobic and deeply dangerous. In New York, we have laws that protect our beautifully diverse communities from hate and discrimination of any and every kind. My office is charged with enforcing and upholding those laws, and we stand up to those who violate them and trespass on the rights of marginalized communities. We are reviewing our legal options,” Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement.

Of course, the transgender community is not “under attack,” but one of the most privileged groups of people in America, which is part of the problem.

Support Rolls In for Blakeman’s Executive Order

But as much as the expected attacks came from the expected people, the support for the order was far greater, including from the athletes themselves. And their parents.

“There is no training I could have engaged in to compete versus a biological male,” Nassau Legislator Samantha Goetz said. “Our biological differences are undeniable.”

“The abilities that a man has, it’s unfair. It’s standards that a female cant biologically get to,” Long Beach High School athlete Avery Graziosi said. 

“I wouldn’t want a boy competing against my daughter,” one parent said.

On social media, the support was very strong as well.

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines appeared on Fox News in support of Blakeman and the executive order.

Riley Gaines Appears On Fox & Friends To Support Nassau County
Riley Gaines Appears On Fox & Friends To Support Nassau County (Credit: Screenshot – Fox News)

Gaines remains outspoken on the issue despite threats to her life, most recently in San Francisco. Other sports luminaries, such as Martina Navratilova and Bob Costas are also joining the growing number of voices opposed to men in women’s sports.

As noted above, Attorney General James has stated that her office is reviewing Blakeman’s action and their legal options, but it is not clear if her office has the authority to rescind or prevent the executive order.

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