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Remso W. Martinez is a contributor to Bounding Into Sports. He's a Brazilian JiuJitsu practitioner and baseball fan based out of Milwaukee.

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Kenny Wallace
Jul 20, 2023
NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace is once again giving his thoughts on the current standing and future of NASCAR, but his current view of the enterprise seems to go against the many tirades he’s been on as of late where he’s painted an extremely dim view of the future for this racing franchise.
Jul 20, 2023
Grab your jerseys and prepare to be checked into the boards of hockey history! We’ll be revisiting the spectacular careers of the ten greatest athletes to ever grace the rink. From ‘The Great One’ to ‘Mr. Hockey’, from unforgettable goals to historic hat tricks, these players didn’t just master the game—they transformed it.
Kobe Bryant
Jul 19, 2023
Today we’re diving into the history books to rank the top ten NBA players who’ve left an undeniable impact on the basketball court and the MLB as a whole.
Floyd Mayweather
Jul 18, 2023
Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team have always made it clear they’re stacking checks and moving in style wherever they are. However, Mayweather is definitely traveling with a pretty heavy show of force as seen in a recent trip to South Africa that has since gone viral.
Martin Truex Jr
Jul 18, 2023
Despite doing remarkably well this season and currently leading in the points standings, you’d think Martin Truex Jr. would already be thinking about the upcoming NASCAR championship and future of his career. You’d think, right? Wrong.
Lia Thomas
Jul 18, 2023
Male swimmer Will “Lia” Thomas is in the headlines once again, this time for featuring a photo of him posted to his girlfriend’s Instagram account which was screenshot by reporter Andy Ngo, in which the “trans” swimmer wears proudly an “Antifa Super Soldier” shirt showing solidarity with the violent militant group Antifa.
Jul 18, 2023
In the world of combat sports, few arenas command as much respect and reverence as the MMA Octagon. Whether it’s the UFC, Bellator, One Championship or another league, the tales spun here are of epic victories, crushing defeats, and moments of unparalleled excitement that leave us wanting to witness more. Today, here’s our list of the top ten fighters who’ve made their mark in the sport.
Lance Armstrong
Jul 17, 2023
Only in the wild world of reality TV could the producers in Hollywood put together a cast of celebrities that are all so left-wing that they manage to make liberal Lance Armstrong look conservative by comparison, but here we are.
Istela Nunes
Jul 17, 2023
UFC fighter Istela Nunes probably wasn’t sleeping to comfortably after her loss against Victoria Dudakova over the weekend, but her nasty elbow injury she sustained certainly didn’t make anything better.
Jul 17, 2023
Today we’re talking about the icons, the game-changers, and the absolute legends of baseball. That’s right, we’re diving into the world of Major League Baseball to explore ten of the most popular players to ever grace the diamond. So grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and let’s get started!