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Anderson Silva via YouTube
Sep 22, 2023
Anderson Silva, often dubbed the "Spider," is a name that reverberates throughout the octagon and in the hearts of UFC…
Vitor Belfort via UFC YouTube, screenshot
Sep 4, 2023
MMA has given rise to many legendary fighters, and Vitor Belfort, known as "The Phenom," certainly stands among them. Despite…
Joe Rogan (L) and Georges St. Pierre via UFC-Ultimate Fighting Championship YouTube
Jul 18, 2023
In the world of combat sports, few arenas command as much respect and reverence as the MMA Octagon. Whether it's…
Biaggio Ali Walsh
Biaggio Ali Walsh via PFL MMA YouTube
May 29, 2023
MMA fans undeniably love a good knockout. Knockouts are perhaps the most visually exciting and intense moment between fighters in…
Jake Paul
Jake Paul via Jake Paul YouTube
Apr 13, 2023
After his loss to professional boxer Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has…
Anderson Silva via MMAFightingOnSBN
Oct 28, 2022
UFC legend Anderson Silva is clearing the air just right before his highly publicized fight with YouTube celebrity Jake Paul…
Anderson Silva via Jake Paul YouTube
Oct 26, 2022
The highly anticipated fight between YouTuber Jake Paul and UFC legend Anderson Silva is now only days away, but a…
Jake Paul and Anderson Silva via The Mac Life YouTube
Oct 17, 2022
Here's the full fight card and pay-per-view cost that will see Jake Paul headline against Anderson "The Spider" Silva.'