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John Madden on Letterman
Nov 30, 2023
The world of professional sports is as much about the action on the field as it is about how it’s conveyed to the fans. Some broadcasters have become as iconic as the athletes they commentate on. Here’s a list of ten of the most popular and influential sports broadcasters who have left a huge mark on the industry.
Oakland A's fans
Nov 22, 2023
ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith says that Oakland gave the A’s no reason to turn down a lucrative offer to move the franchise to Las Vegas
Nov 1, 2023
We’re used to seeing our favorite athletes scoring touchdowns and knocking out home runs, but what happens when they land on the wrong side of the law? Here’s a rundown of five famous sports stars who traded their sports gear for prison uniforms, showing us that nobody’s above the law, not even the rich and famous.
Oct 24, 2023
Pat McAfee has an answer to a recent poll by readers of The Athletic, who say they don’t care for his work on college football coverage
Oct 20, 2023
Pat McAfee is generally considered a popular broadcaster, but not by ESPN’s college football viewers, according to a recent survey
Oct 16, 2023
ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith found himself at the center of controversy after alluding to an unnamed individual during a segment addressing criticisms from fellow sports analyst, Marcellus Wiley. Many on the internet quickly speculated that Smith’s comments were directed towards Jason Whitlock.
Oct 11, 2023
One of the NHL’s legendary icons, Barry Melrose, will step away from the public eye after being diagnosed with the debilitating illness
Oct 9, 2023
Sports radio shock jock Don LaGreca went ballistic on Giants offensive lineman Evan Neal after the player took some verbal shots at the fans
Sep 27, 2023
ESPN analyst Robert Griffith III thinks the Cowboys would be in much better shape in 2023 if they hadn’t let their former star go
Sep 8, 2023
The world I grew up in is dead. The standards which we carry ourselves have shattered, and the concept of societal norms are considered restrictive, bogus even. The deadbeats won, and the new orthodoxy is to defend, uplift, and conform to the weird world or parish.