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Brett Favre via Eric Bolling YouTube, screenshot
Jan 25, 2024
Brett Favre apparently took great pride in breaking his teammates fingers, keeping a tally of the damage he did throughout his career.
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Jan 10, 2024
Tackle football bans for children is once again being brought up before state legislators in California, because they must have solved their soaring overdose problem, uncontrollable homeless crisis, and all the rampant crime overnight without telling anybody thus leaving tackle football as the last existential crisis to deal with.
Screenshot/NFL Classics! X
Jan 7, 2024
An NFL legend is no longer with us. An announcer’s voice is heard saying, Raiders “coach Charlie Sumner put Jack […]
Chandler Jones Instagram
Jan 4, 2024
Former NFL Player Chandler Jones has had a lot going on as of late, little of it good. He has […]
Nicolas Henderson/Flickr/Public Domain
Jan 3, 2024
There’s good news for those wanting to attend the¬†College Football Playoff¬†championship game between Washington and Michigan. Now that the teams […]
nfl wags
Screenshot: Andy Vermaut, TJ Twitter
Dec 25, 2023
Current and former NFL players have some of the hottest and most popular “WAGs” in the entire sports world.
Army-Navy Game uniform unveiling via Army Football on X, screenshot
Nov 24, 2023
As an Army veteran I’ve never been more amped to watch the Black Knights roll over Navy and finally re-establish nature’s hierarchy of power on December 9th. While uniforms don’t make the players any better, I think an exception can be made for this year’s Army-Navy game uniforms that the Black Knights will be donning in honor of the Rock of the Marne.
Brett Favre via Eric Bolling YouTube, screenshot
Oct 31, 2023
Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the career of one of the NFL’s most iconic quarterbacks: Brett Favre. Known for his rugged play and action-oriented mentality, Favre’s career was as thrilling as a Hail Mary pass in the Super Bowl’s final seconds. But, just like a complex play, his journey wasn’t without its challenges.
Oct 19, 2023
Urban Meyer spoke about his coaching future in a recent public appearance and made it pretty clear what his intentions are