South Carolina Head Coach Shane Beamer Apologizes After Shouting “Get Off The Field” At Female Student-Athletes

Shane Beamer via South Carolina Gamecocks YouTube

South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer apologized for shouting “get off the field” to a number of female student-athletes who were being honored by the University in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

Shane Beamer via Marc Ryan Twitter

During a break between the first and second quarter, the University of South Carolina honored their female student-athletes on the field.

Beamer and his South Carolina Gamecocks were down 14-0 and had a huge 4th and 9 play coming up. Beamer and the Gamecocks were going to try and attempt to get a first down to stay in the game against the #1 ranked team in the nation.

However, the female athletes were slow to exit the field allowing Georgia to see Beamer and South Carolina’s offensive scheme for the play and make adjustments. Beamer was not pleased with how long it was taking the athletes to exit the field and can be visibly seen shouting, “Get off the field!”

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The video shared by CBS Sports’ Marc Ryan began making the rounds on social media with numerous people deriding Beamer.

Twitter user Richmitten wrote, “What a toddler.”

Richmitten Twitter

Another user wrote, “WHAT A F***** DOUCHEBAG”

inanimaterodofC Twitter

“Girls drop out of sports at almost twice the rate of boys,” tweeted _Nic_Diamond_. “This doesn’t help.”

_Nic_Diamond_ Twitter

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One user seemingly didn’t even watch the video given he didn’t notice the score of the game at the time, but took the opportunity to attack Beamer anyways writing, “Beamer needs to put his big boy pants on and stick to improving the team he is resp for versus woman athletes being recognized. Down 48 pts and worried about GA seeing a formation is a joke.”

JRY01 Twitter

Gamecocks soccer player Jylissa Harris explained the athletes “were ~asked! to come to the game to recognize 50 years of Title IX. We were on the field for maybe 15 seconds then screamed at to get off. If you want to honor female student athletes, then do that, not this.”

Jylissa Harris Twitter

However, she made it clear she did not blame Beamer writing in a subsequent tweet, “Very well said! Like you said there is just still work to do! Coach Beamer however was coaching in the heat of the game and has been nothing but supportive of female sports.”

Jylissa Harris Twitter

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She also told Marc Ryan, “I agree with what you said about Shane Beamer being understandably frustrated. I would probably also be frustrated at that time as that wasn’t his doing. He didn’t have anything to do with that.”

“So I think a lot of people are giving him the blame, but he’s not to blame at all. I think it’s more of a bigger issue at hand,” she continued.

When asked what the bigger issue is, she answered, “I thought we would have more time on the field seeing that there were so many athletes. I didn’t know we were being put into a 3-minute time slot. I think looking back most people can agree that’s not enough time for what was planned. I think it was a great idea in a sense to honor 50 years of Title IX. It’s been a great thing for women and women in sports, but there just should have been more time and effort allocated and put towards it.”

Shane Beamer via South Carolina Gamecocks YouTube

On Sunday following the game, Beamer apologized for his actions, “I certainly wanted to address the incident that has kind of blown up here with the Title IX ceremony before the fourth down play from yesterday.”

“Before the game we always meet with the officials. The officials said that certainly we’re gonna try and speed up the game as much as we can coming out of TV timeouts. ‘So we would ask that when the TV timeout’s over that you’re at the line scrimmage ready to go.'”


Beamer elaborated, “So we had a critical, critical fourth down decision to make on what we were going to do in that instance whether we were going to kick or go for it. We decided to go for it. The whole time I’m not even paying attention to what’s going on down in the end zone.”

“We send our offense out there to go for it. They’re on the line of scrimmage. Georgia is able to see the formation we’re in. We did what we were asked to do and we were not able to snap the football and I looked down in the end zone. I see why. My first and initial reaction was to yell, ‘Get off the field!’ I had no idea who was down there. I don’t meet with game management before games and they clued me in on who’s being honored between every TV timeout or ceremonies and things like that.”

“We were so immersed in trying to just make a decision on what we were going to do that I didn’t even look down there in the end zone,” he reiterated. “I was worried about what was going on in our own offensive huddle.”

Shane Beamer via South Carolina Gamecocks YouTube

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Beamer then apologized, “So I apologize to anyone that I offended. That was my initial reaction similar to maybe a track coach that we’re getting ready to run the 100 meters and see somebody on the track. And that was my reaction as well.”

“I apologize,” he said again. “Certainly, I know that game management here at Carolina has a tough job and a lot of moving parts. I’m sure they feel like they could be better in that situation in regards to when and how we honored those female student-athletes. And more importantly how to get them off the field a lot quicker than what we were able to when the ceremony was over.”

“And like I said that was a critical play in the game, but again I apologize. I did not mean to offend anyone,” he added again.

Shane Beamer and Kirby Smart via ESPN College Football YouTube

He went on to detail, “I hope people know me well enough to know what an advocate I am for women’s sports. I’ve got two daughters of my own that play sports.”

“I’m at as many women’s athletic events here at Carolina as I possibly can be because I believe in them and support them. Anyone who thinks otherwise surely doesn’t know me. So sorry about that,” he concluded.

University of South Carolina via, South Carolina Gamecocks YouTube

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South Carolina Women’s Basketball coach Dawn Staley supporter Beamer writing on Twitter, “Hey Coach Beamer sorry I’ve been under a rock the last few days but we know you have done nothing but support our programs since the day you became the Gamecock’s Football head coach! All hands on deck to get a win on Saturday!”

Dawn Staley Twitter

South Carolina Softball coach Beverly Smith agreed with Staley writing, “Agree Dawn Staley, Coach Beamer is a class act. He makes time to meet with Gamecocks Softball recruits. See him at many Gamecocks women’s sport events. He is a girl dad and respects women.”

Beverly Smith Twitter

Women’s soccer coaches Shelly and Jamie Smith also showed their support for Beamer writing on Twitter, “Coach Beamer the attacks/questions about you today have been unfair & uncalled for!”

“You have been nothing but supportive of all Gameock Athletics sports & honestly everything here at South Carolina since your arrival! We r proud to have such a good person leading Gamecock Football.”

Shelley and Jamie Smith Twitter

South Carolina ended up getting trounced by Georgia 48 to 7. The Bulldogs held South Carolina to 306 total yards, only 17 first downs, and forced three turnovers. They also only allowed the Gamecock’s to convert on 4 of their 13 third down opportunities. Meanwhile, Georgia’s offensive unloaded on the Gamecocks racking up 547 yards.

Beamer and the Gamecocks next play Charlotte at home. Their next SEC matchup will be against the University of Kentucky on October 8th. The Bulldogs play Kent State this week before facing off against Missouri in SEC play on October 1st.

What do you make of Beamer’s apology and explanation for his shouting? Should he have apologized?

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