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Zach Wilson sacked
Nov 22, 2023
Zach Wilson has tried to keep the ship afloat in Aaron Rodgers’ absence, but New York’s going with new QB now in veteran passer QB Tim Boyle
Nov 8, 2023
Former NFL tight end and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez will have his chilling story chronicled in a TV movie starring Josh Andres Rivera
Nov 7, 2023
Tom Brady, now part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, will have a significant say in who the team’s next head coach will be
Oct 23, 2023
Despite a long and legendary career in New England, Patriots ownership is reportedly moving beyond the Bill Belichick Era
Oct 13, 2023
The New England Patriots can’t seem to catch a break from criticism this season it seems, and not even from those who would consider themselves die hard Patriots fans— which includes former President Donald Trump who had some thoughts to share with the crowd during a recent 2024 campaign stop in New England.
Oct 11, 2023
The strange saga of Sergio Brown continues with the former NFL player now in police custody in connection with the killing of his own mother
Oct 9, 2023
The Bill Belichick Era seems to be coming to an end in New England, but how will the franchise eventually cut ties with its legendary leader?
Oct 5, 2023
In a case that keeps getting stranger, Sergio Brown appears to be having the time of his life – just after his mother mysteriously lost hers
Oct 4, 2023
The Jets’ Zach Wilson and the Pats’ Mac Jones recently crossed paths, but which one would be the best QB to lead a team the rest of the way?
Oct 2, 2023
The world’s greatest QB is living his best life now. Tom Brady is as fit as ever following his exit from the NFL following the 2022 season