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I don’t forget the people in my life who supported the Black Lives Matter riots, locking down the economy, closing gyms, and sticking kids in front of computers for worthless “remote learning” all day. I especially don’t forget every single company and employer who threatened their workforce with destitution if they didn’t take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

Photo by Anastase Maragos, free to use under the Unsplash license.

You shouldn’t forget the people in your lives who fell for, and then became a de facto Stazi for the mainstream media, Big Pharma, and especially big government. They’ll act the exact same way again and won’t even notice what they’re doing is harmful.

I don’t just remember the villains of 2020 though, I also remember the heroes. Heroes such as Ian Smith, the gym owner out of New Jersey who defied the lockdowns, calling out the hypocrisy of keeping liquor stores open and scaring people into holing up in their homes instead of going out and being active, healthy, in the sun, around people.

More often then not, I remember the oracle those dark days, the internet dubbed “Psychic Gym Bro” later known to the world as Canadian weightlifter turned anti-authoritarian activist, Chris Sky.

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“You don’t need the mask, the mask is about compliance,” Sky said in what was perhaps one of the most viral and controversial videos (Instagram took it down from my Instagram account several times) of 2020 as the lockdowns began.

“Next they’re going to tell you to take the vaccine…and because they know [you] like to do what you’re told… they are hoping that everyone just complies. Next they’re going to tell you ‘sorry, the vaccine isn’t as effective as we told you it was gonna be’… so now you still have to wear your mask.”

“What happened? The same amount of people died, everything is the same, and now they’re gonna put you back on lockdown and bring it all the way until July (2021) and then they will do the whole thing again… just to be able to bring you off lockdown in September. If you idiots haven’t worked it out, it’s a perpetual cycle that you never get out of… and it’s way to take your rights, your freedoms, close your business, take your wealth…so you become dependent on government.”

Sky highlighted a broader agenda of neo-feudalism and complete dependency on the government. If one relies on the government for survival, it results in an upper government class and a lower class dependent on the government. Cato the Younger couldn’t have said it better himself.

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So why are we bringing this up today? Because studies now show something I’ve been pondering for several years now; why did the athletes, meat heads, Crossfit, and MMA guys get so much of the lockdowns right while the nerds sent us spiraling into a totalitarian hellscape?

According to recent article from Breitbart, its because “strong men” might actually just be more conservative than their no chin, fat peers.

The University of Arkansas recently conducted a study suggesting that men perceived as physically stronger are often viewed as more conservative. In the study, participants were shown photos of male bodies without their faces and were asked to determine their likely political affiliation based on their physique.

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The results indicated that men who appeared more fit and bulkier were presumed to be right-leaning. Dr. Mitch Brown, the study’s lead author, highlighted that physically robust men are indeed more prone to conservative views. He explained that historically, strong men had more bargaining power and thus established norms of competition where they had an advantage. Physically weaker individuals would have favored less competitive group norms.

However, some psychologists, including Dr. Gurpreet Kaur and Dr. Louise Goddard-Crowley, cautioned against over-simplifying political orientation based on physical strength alone. They noted that while the study may point to a stereotype, physical strength is not a definitive marker of someone’s political beliefs.

The researchers from the University of Arkansas acknowledged that their findings only indicate a stereotype and not an accurate predictor of political orientation. But we know the truth though, don’t we? The proof is in the keto-pudding.

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Point to any fighter in the UFC and find one who supported the lockdowns, BLM riots, mandated vaccines, or any “woke” propaganda.

Go back to any episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and find an interview with an athlete where they didn’t say that the lockdowns were madness, men should not play against women in professional sports, and that vaccine mandates and wokeness were garbage.

I dare you, because you won’t.

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It’s wrong to assume that anyone believes certain things politically because of their physical appearance. I’ve been to too many Republican political rallies to deny that fat conservatives exist too. However, who am I going to trust when it comes to health, how to run a society, and what the government should do?

Which way Western man? Do we follow the healthy people with families and a degree of self-reliance and self-respect? Or the unhealthy, fatalistic hordes and their globalist “experts” who destroyed the economy and put our freedoms on the line? Who would gladly lock us down for things like climate change or even the flu.

I, for one, would rather listen to tennis star Novak Djokovic, who staked his entire career on the line defying the mandated COVID vaccine, and Psychic Gym Bro before the next “expert” CNN puts on screen.

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